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'How Obama Won' by Earl Ofari Hutchinsonis a provocative, hard hitting critical assessment of the issues, events, forces, politics, pressures and controversy that shaped and ensnared Barack Obama in his historic 2008 presidential campaign.

Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines the impact of race and gender, campaign strategy, the key political players, the nature of presidential politics, the changes in the Democratic and Republicans parties, the importance of the black, Hispanic, youth, women and blue collar white worker votes, the role of corporation and special interests in American politics.

Hutchinson tells what the first African-American did
to win the White House and what it means
to America and the world.
How Obama Won

Hutchinson tells why:

Race was not a factor in Obama's win ~ The Iraq war and the terrorism were not compelling issues in the campaign ~ Sarah Palin hurt McCain ~ Many blue collar whites and rural voters supported Obama ~ Obama was able to top McCain in fund raising ~ Ultraconservatives did not unite behind McCain ~ The economy ultimately sunk McCain ~ Obama's win will and won't change politics in America

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a nationally acclaimed author and political analyst. He has authored ten books; his articles are published in newspapers and magazines nationally in the United States. Three of his books have been published in other languages. He is a frequent guest analyst on The John Gibson Show, O'Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes, The Glenn Beck Show, The PBS Lehrer Report, NPR's Talk of the Nation and various CNN News Shows. He is the National Political Writer for New America Media and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and BlackAmericaWeb.Com. He is also an associate editor at New America Media and a regular contributor to Black, He does a weekly commentary on KJLH Radio in Los Angeles.

A Book Review
Author Steven Clark Bradley

How Obama Won by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Fun, Fair, Balanced & Objective

Now, I was not a fan of Barack Obama during the campaign, nor am I now. Yet, I can truly tell you that I am a big fan of political expert and writer, Earl Ofari Hutchinson. There is possibly no one in the current political circles who has written more profoundly and fairly about the constant waves of change in American politics than Earl Ofari Hutchinson. One of the best reasons I can give for my appreciation of Mr. Hutchinson is his new book, 'How Obama Won.' This excellent book is an interesting, fair, understandable and realistic account of the political race that propelled Barack Obama into the White House as America's first African American President. It has to be one of the best records of this historic campaign that has been penned and perhaps into the future, making it a must read for opponents and supporters of Obama alike.

All of the material that Mr. Hutchinson wrote before Obama's election can only be described as highly objective. He has kept that same approach to his writing in his new book, How Obama Won. One example that stood out to me was his statements about the current administration. Though, Hutchinson does not hide his opposition to President George W. Bush, he wrote his statements with clear reasoning and fresh objectivity. He does not come out with the horrific diatribes against Obama's opponent either that so many other writers have used as obvious goals of simply besmirching rather than informing readers. I guess I can say that he does not seem to have any axes to grind, but just a public to inform. I find that exceptional and rare, indeed.

Now, I know there are those out there who will immediately say that they hate politics and will not take a good look at this type of book. Well, let me say that you will be very pleasantly surprised. How Obama Won comes across to the reader more like a true-life story that only America could produce. How Obama Won is full of unique and close-up information with great descriptions of the political and social twists and turns that made the 2008 Presidential election one of the most interesting and thrilling in the history of the nation. How Obama Won is a smart and thoughtful book, but it is also fun and takes the reader right into war rooms of Obama's brain trust and that of his opponents' campaigns.

I hope you will invest your time in this new and excellent report, How Obama Won by Earl Ofari Hutchinson. You will never say that politics is boring again.

Steven Clark Bradley
Author of Patriot Acts, Nimrod Rising, Stilborn & Probable Cause

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Political Analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson New Book How Obama Won Says Obama Election Honeymoon Will be Short-lived

Description: In his new book, How Obama Won, political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson says that President-elect Barack Obama's smash White House honeymoon will be short-lived. The economy, the financial meltdown, the war, and looming foreign policy crises aren't the only towering obstacles and challenges for Obama. He faces the challenge of meeting inflated public expectations of quick successes.

Political analyst and Huffington Post columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson's in his new book How Obama Won says that President-elect Barack Obama's smash White House election honeymoon will be short-lived. The economy, the financial meltdown, the war, and looming foreign policy crises aren't the only towering obstacles and challenges for Obama. He faces the challenge of meeting inflated public expectations of quick successes.

Hutchinson examines the daunting problems that Obama faces in ending the war, promoting economic recovery, and developing polices that reverse the damage from Bush polices in dealing with looming foreign policy challenges.

Hutchinson says that Obama has one even more daunting task that Bush didn't have. And that's meeting the wildly high expectations that he can bring quick and immediate relief on the economy and a lasting resolution of the Iraq War.

Obama, Hutchinson, insists inadvertently created those soaring public expectations of miracle changes with his inspiring campaign pledge and promise of hope and change. That promise energized millions of black, Hispanic, youth, women, blue collar white worker and middle class voters to believe in the unthinkable, and that's that an African-American could win the White House

"The biggest challenge that Obama faces is meeting the expectations of those who passionately believed in his message of change," says Hutchinson, "If he falters the public honeymoon with him will be shorter than any of his predecessors."

How Obama Won tells how and what he must do to make sure that the honeymoon lasts.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst and a Huffington PostThe Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House (Middle Passage Press, February, 2008). columnist. He is the author of


Chapter 7

The Bradley Non-Effect

In a speech on February 10, 2007 on the steps of the Old Capital Building in Springfield, Illinois, then first term U.S. Senator Barack Obama quashed months of doubts, speculation, and rumors. He formally announced that he was running for president. The announcement touched off obsessive chatter over whether race would ultimately derail Obama.

Obama made sure it didn't. In his 25 minute presidential candidacy announcement he used the word "race" exactly one time. And he did not use it as a direct racial reference. He used the word to make the point people could come together across all lines for change. The rest of the speech touched on ending the war, affordable health care, economic uplift and energy independence. These became the stock themes of his stump speeches. Obama did his political homework well.

He correctly gauged that many white Americans still harbor racial biases and views about African-Americans. Polls during the campaign showed many whites, even those who passionately backed him, still clung tightly to the same old shop worn negative stereotypes about blacks.

That again raised the issue that the supposed Bradley Effect could be the Election Day spoiler. Some analysts warned the Bradley effect could account for 6 percentage points against an African-American candidate.

The Bradley Effect was the label that was slapped onto the alleged penchant of many white voters to shade, deceive or just plain lie to pollsters and interviewers when they tell them color doesn't mean anything to them in an election. The Bradley Effect Earl Ofari Hutchinson supposedly wrecked then Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley's bid to be the first black governor of California in 1986 when he ran against a white Republican candidate. Some polls had Bradley weeks before the election winning comfortably. The polls were faulty, fluid, and did not reflect other factors apart from race that hurt Bradley in the closing days of the campaign. Obama never publicly made mention of the Bradley Effect during the campaign. Though it did not really explain Bradley's loss, the possible misrepresentation by white voters of their true racial sentiments did cause Doug Wilder to sweat nervously on election night in Virginia before he squeaked out a win there for governor in 1989. It was also a possible factor in Harvey Gantt and Harold Ford, Jr.'s losses in their Senate campaigns in North Carolina and Tennessee.

The Bradley Effect was murky, amorphous, and virtually defied fingering to the extent that it existed at all. Yet, when it came to judging the worth of a candidate, race was only one often fuzzy factor voters considered in making a decision. The other compelling factors included their political loyalties, education, income, gender, sense of economic well-being or hardship, good feeling or foreboding about the future and the direction of the country. There were still more compelling factors such as a voter's personal convictions, religious beliefs, and visceral likes and dislikes. In some ways race recent elections began to slip in relevance and importance to big segments of voters.

In the last two decades, significant numbers of whites have voted for black candidates in senate, congressional, state legislative, gubernatorial, mayor, and city council races, even voting for them when their opponents were white. Obama was a textbook example of that. He was elected to the Illinois house, senate, and the U.S. Senate with top heavy white support.

Obama did more political homework and looked at what worked and didn't work for previous Democratic presidential contenders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. 39 They had three glaring liabilities. They were widely perceived as mostly protest candidates. They appealed almost exclusively to black voters. And they were also old line civil rights leaders. That stirred fear, even hostility, among many whites. If Obama had given even the slightest hint of a racial tilt in his campaign, his candidacy would have been dead at the starting gate. Obama prepped the political ground so well that he sold millions on the idea that he was not Jackson or Sharpton and that his campaign was solely about the issues that mattered to the broadest segment of Americans.

That paid huge dividends later when he faced the potential campaign killing crisis over his tie with his former pastor Jeremiah Wright. His anguished, bare-the-soul speech in Philadelphia in March, 2008 that Wright did not speak for him, and that he was appalled to hear Wright's pulpit race thumping sermons was a tour de force. His supporters and even detractors accepted his explanation and refused to believe that he and Wright could have anything in common. The media which could have dug deep and probed into Obama's twenty year connection to Wright and inflicted a big wound on his campaign bought his explanation of racial innocence and dropped the matter.

There was also much talk inside and outside McCain's campaign and Republican circles about snatching at Obama's racial jugular and pounding him on his Wright connection. Other than a mild, tepid, half-hearted occasional mention of Wright, McCain largely steered clear of the controversy and the issue. When VP running mate Sarah Palin took a shot at Wright-Obama, McCain scotched any effort to beat up on the issue again. That, of course, didn't stop the GOP independent (hit) committees from hammering away with their last gasp saturation ads trying to smear Obama with Wright. But, the smear didn't take and there was no evidence that McCain or the Republican National Committee winked and nodded at the cheap shot attacks. Not that it would have mattered, the attacks changed absolutely nothing. If anything they Earl Ofari Hutchinson probably angered many voters and made them quicken their steps to the polls to back Obama.

The Bradley Effect gave writers much to speculate about, pollsters to recalibrate their methods to take great care to safeguard that it wasn't a factor in their opinion samples, and Obama strategists to keep a hawk like watch in case it did actually become a factor. In the end it proved to be a myth, Team Obama and the voters made the Bradley Effect a non-effect.

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